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System Health Group


We are a multidisciplinary group of mechanical, electrical and maintenance engineers and statisticians working together to demonstrate how system health measures can improve operations and maintenance decisions by

  • Developing Techniques, Components, Methods and Models to quantify the health of components with multiple failure modes,
  • Models to quantify the health of multi-component systems,
  • Operations and Maintenance applications that use system health as inputs, and
  • Models that determine the effect of maintenance actions on component and system health

System Health Group

Melinda is a member of the System Health Research Group at UWA. This Multi-Disciplinary group established in 2014 is working on a range of asset system health challenges. More information is available at http://www.ecm.uwa.edu.au/research/engineering-system-health.

Melinda is also the co-leader with Prof. Adrian Keating of the System Health Laboratory. The laboratory is a platform for development and testing of diagnostics and prognostic models with a focus on using open-source software. For more information on the activities and research in this Laboratory click here.

Asset Health

Starting out as a maintenance engineer in the mid-80s who then took on condition monitoring roles as the tools techniques (such as vibration analysis) were gaining ground in the workplace, Melinda has been working in this area a long time. She moved from industry to undertake a PhD in performance and vibration condition monitoring (on pumps) in 1998. Her interests have since moved from diagnostics to prognostics and decision support for maintenance.

Relevant papers and collaborations in this area include

Pump Health

With the cooperation of the Water Corporation and the Blakers Pump Test facility in Wangara WA a number of experimental projects on real industry pumps have been completed. Relevant papers include

Previous Work

Examples of previous work in the area of System Health includes:

Much of my previous work has been on specifically on centrifugal pump health and performance, publications include:

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