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Asset Management and ISO 55001


Develop organisational and individual capabilities in asset management.

Development and publication of the ISO 55000 series of Asset Management Standards

Melinda is Chair of the Standards Australia MB19 committee and represented Australia on the ISO committee PC251 for the ISO series of Standards 55000, 55001 and 55002 from inception until publication in February 2014. Australian versions of the Standards were issued in November 2014 and are available through Standards Australia.


Executive Education in AM

Melinda has been involved in Executive Education for Asset Managers since 2007. She has worked on in-house courses with Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold, and Defence as well as engaging with a wide range of companies and sectors through open-enrolment programs up until 2013.


Masters of Business and Engineering Asset Management

Melinda developed and led Grad Diploma and Master’s programs in Business and Engineering Asset Management at UWA. This innovative program taught in conjunction with the UWA MBA program developed the skills of working professionals across risk and reliability, managerial and financial dimensions. The program closed to new entries in 2012 due to widespread changes in the UWA structure with respect to postgraduate programs.


Useful Sites

ISO http://www.iso.org//

Standards Australia http://www.standards.org.au/

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